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Key Features. Даны ли ответы на все вопросы. В компании нам старательно пытаются ее дать, рассказывая об успехах своих часов на презентаця. The Tower of London (презентация). Презентация познакомит с интересными фактами из истории Тауэра. Галяева Людмила. The Tower of London By Nadya Vostrikova, Zhenya Berezin and Vadim Minaev School #1694, Moscow, Russia Teacher: Elena Makhovikova. - презентация. Big Ben is not a clock tower. 7.The Queen lives in the Houses of Parliament. 8.London stands on the Thames River. 9.The Tower is a prison now. 10.The largest. Today, their duties also include conducting tours for numerous visitors The Modern lookToday the tower of London is one of the main. The Tower of London is one of the most interesting historic sights of London. It is situated in the center of London on the north bank of the River Thames. Презентация на тему Travelling to London (Путешествие по. of The Tower of The Tower of Palace Palace Tower Tower London London. The Tower of London is one of the most ancient buildings of London. It was founded in the 11 century by William the Conqueror. The plan of the Tower from the. The Tower Of London. The Tower has been many things: a palace, a fortress, a prison, a place of execution, a Zoo. Today, it is best known as a. Tower of London (ТАУЭР) Презентация. Опубликовано Акопова Лили Андрониковна вкл 16.02.2013 - 20:54. Автор: Дубовская Анна. Презентация. Презентация на тему Tower of London к уроку по английскому языку. PowerPoint Presentation: Match the sights and their names Hyde Park The Tower of London Buckingham Palace 1 2 3. USE:Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge.is one of the most famous bells in the world. Слайд №5. Разделы: Иностранные языки, Конкурс «Презентация к уроку». (The Tower of London); Which of these sights is the best place for relax and fun. (Covent. Tower Bridge. 2. Tower bridge in London is a drawbridge, which is located in the centre of the British capital. This bridge was built in 1894. Divide the text into 4 parts. Arrange the sentences in a logical order according to the text to make a plan. People like to see ravens. Tower of London and ravens. The Tower of London and St Paul's Cathedral are situated in the City. Westminster is also important part of the capital. It's the administrative. Презентация: Факты об английском языке, Урок: Английский язык, Класс: 5 Факты. «Sights of London» - Buckingham Palace Gate. the Tower of London. Тема презентации: The Tower of London Урок: Английский язык Наличие плана - конспект урока: Нет Презентация на английском языке является. Скачать: презентация для 5 класса по английскому языку на тему. слайда 9 Tower of London. concrete - бетонный Tower Bridge. The Tower of London Выполнил: Курдин Николай ученик 8 «б» класса Руководитель: Маслова Е.Г. Муниципальное автономное.

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The tower of london презентация
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